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Holistic Care

Living in Ireland rarely does a day go by without a friend enthusing about their holistic health care—like, “My Reflexologist got me pregnant,” or “My Councillor transformed my life,” or “My Hypnotherapist fixed my Smoking addiction.” In some ways, County Meath has become the epicentre of alternative health. You can find Reiki and Shamanic Healers, Acupuncturists, Homeopaths and simply Vegan enthusiasts in every little town.  

About Us

Meet the first holistic practice in Navan designed to solve your most pressing health problems. Here we combine a range of alternative medicines with clinical psychology and our whole-body approach and personalized plans heal your body from the inside out.

We’re familiar with the struggle of seeking relief through conventional medicine, only to find that the doctors can’t help you.

If you’ve spent weeks, months, or perhaps even years searching for a solution for long-standing problems, wasting your time in a long waiting list, consulting with us can be your new primary resource to reconnect to a vital sense of self.

Many of our clients consult with us because they are tired, depressed and feeling less than their youthful selves.

With our state-of-the-art facility, we offer empowering knowledge and solutions which have helped many clients rediscover their energy, vitality and joy in life.

In “Serapis” we believe in letting the body lead the way to healing.

With this philosophy, our intuitive approach integrates the most advanced healing protocols in Spiritual Healing, Positive Psychology, Reiki, Angel Healing, Reflexology, Hypnotherapy and wide range of massages.

As a team we are a healing clinics community coming together with a single intention, to awaken the mind’s & body’s natural ability to heal itself.

By working cooperatively with the processes of body, mind and spirit, we have been able to help patients overcome serious illness and achieve vibrant levels of health well beyond what most thought possible.

Why is “Serapis Wellness Therapies Centre” right for you?

86% of disease today is chronic and lifestyle-driven, yet most trips to conventional doctors end with a prescription or an expensive referral. Our science-based holistic approach gets to the root of symptoms to help the body heal, even reducing the need for ongoing medication for many of our clients.

Who is “Serapis”

Serapis often fused with the Greek God Zeus or the Roman God Jupiter, extending the notion of sovereignty to include dominion over fate. Zeus-Serapis became the god of the sun, the god of healing, and the most powerful and important god. The popularity of Zeus-Serapis continued into the Roman period and inscriptions honouring ‘Zeus Sun Great Serapis’ were common. He was worshipped in particular at a large temple in Alexandria called the Serapeum. The Serapeum also served as an extension of the famous Library of Alexandria. Works of literature and art were stored there when the Library had run out of space.

As a hybrid Greco-Egyptian god, Serapis is an incredibly powerful god in his own right. It was stated that if he ever rise to full power again, he would absorb the essence from the other gods again and rule as the supreme deity. With his staff, Serapis stated he would be able to control the past, present and future.

Serapis is a God both Egyptian and Greek Antiquity. He personified divine majesty and represented the sun, fertility, healing and the afterlife. Serapis signifying both abundance and resurrection. His temples were healing shrines, and miracle cures were attributed to him.

Serapis often wears a corn modius or sheaf on his head, and he is given the cylindrical grain basket on the head symbolising wealth, and the harvest as the God of fertility.