Meet our Team

Alex Peter Ivanov

United States Board of Clinical Hypnosis

Alex Peter Ivanov is a graduate of the United States Board of Clinical Hypnosis, where he became a Scientific Hypnotherapy Practitioner with additional certifications and authorisation as a Professional Stage Hypnotist. 

Many of us spend our day saying negative things to ourselves, which can lead us to creating stress, anxiety, insomnia, weight gain, depression, phobias, and even medical conditions, all due to the undeniable interconnection of the body and mind.  But by guiding his clients to eliminate negative self-talk from their minds, they make room for their healthy, positive and compassionate self-thoughts so that they can find more joy in their lives.

Alex Peter is grateful to be able to help his clients, who range from secret Irish GAA players and actors to children and the elderly, to understand that by using the strength of their mind, they absolutely change their lives for the better. 

Alex’s mission is “to help those who suffer, both emotionally and physically.”  Additionally he accomplishes this through deep tissue and relaxing spa massage, which treat a wide array of problems relating to stress, pain, anxiety, depression and fatigue.

Mr Thomas P. O’Connor

MIACP, Dip in Addictions, CASC, Dip in PTSD

Areas of specialism:

Crisis Intervention
Alcohol-related issues
Relationship issues
Couples therapy

Thomas is a fully-accredited Counsellor/Psychotherapist with added qualifications in Addiction and Diet/Nutrition.

He maintains, however that his own life experience, which led him into addiction and subsequent recovery, was his best source of learning.

Acknowledging the need for the academic process of counselling and psychotherapy, Thomas feels that his empathic approach comes naturally to him.

He likens his approach to driving a car. “You can read how a car should be driven but actually driving a car is a better learning process”.

Stress, fear, panic, avoidance, anxiety, phobia, inhibitions and shyness were foremost in driving Thomas to 20 years of alcoholism and these are now just some of the issues he deals with at his practices in Dublin and Navan.

Thomas is acknowledged as a highly-effective, motivated thorough and passionate practitioner by clients, employers and fellow counsellors.

His approach is mainly person-centred but he also uses behavioural therapies (CBT and REBT where he feels they are appropriate)

Thomas worked his way into this area because he survived and is now in a position to help people who are where he was and because he fully understands what mental health issues and addiction can cause not only to clients but to those closest to them.

Ula Is an energy healer & holistic therapist/tutor providing Reflexology, Usui Reiki, Angelic Reiki, IET (Angelic healing) Meditation & Massage at Sole Serenity Therapy’s calm and cosy treatment room in Serapis Wellness Therapies Centre. She supports people to restore and maintain their physical, emotional, spiritual health and wellbeing through the use of natural therapies.

Ula encourages a holistic approach to becoming the healthiest, happiest person you can be. There is a range of treatments and training available to help you reduce stress, restore balance and transform mind, body and spirit. Her aim is to help people improve their wellbeing by offering a range of complimentary therapies, spiritual healing and development workshops, Reiki/Angelic Reiki courses and meditation classes.

Ula has nearly 20 years experience using Reiki and she is a Usui Reiki and Angelic Reiki Master/Teacher. If you would like to receive this beautiful multi-dimensional deep healing and divine guidance, 1-1 in person and distance healing sessions are available. If you wish to train as a practitioner, 1-1 and small group training is available.

Ula Boyle

Holistic & Spiritual Healing

Mary Mc Cumiskey

Life Coach, Energy Healer, Meditation Teacher

Mary is a fully ITEC qualified Massage Therapist and Reflexologist. She has a Diploma in Integral Sound Healing.  She is a Certified Transformational Life Coach, Energy Healer, Meditation Teacher and BodyMind Balancing Practitioner and has been working in the field of Complimentary Therapies since 1995.

Her aim as a therapist is to support her clients create more balance and harmony in their life’s, gain greater self-awareness and become the best version of themselves.  Mary combines her various modalities to create tailor made healing sessions so the client can gain greater understanding in alignment with what is most important to them in their lives.

She specialises in women’s health and well-being and offers 12 week wellness & support tailored made treatment plans.

These are:

  • Menopausal programme which includes hand, foot & facial reflexology
  • Zone Face Lift programme
  • Transformational Coaching programme

These 12 week programmes  help women feel empowered, restore vital energy, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression and much more.  Womb Blessing Attunements and Womb Healing Sessions greatly support women’s health also.

Any of her treatments can be booked on a one to one individual basis.  Some other tools she uses with her clients are the revolutionary Healy Frequency Device and the Itera Care Wand.

Mary facilitates various workshops, sound baths and Ancestral Lineage Healing.

Full details of all her treatments, workshops and group work can be found on her website.

Elvira is a qualified Hirudotherapist and experienced practitioner, she is a specialist in disease prevention and rehabilitation medicine. As a Hirudotherapist, she is a specialist who deals with the treatment of various diseases of organs and systems of the human body with leeches. The saliva of leeches contains substances that thin the blood, so these manipulations are effective in the treatment of ailments.

Elvira has completed advanced training in Medicinal Leech Therapy at the Academy of Hirudotherapy that has been accredited by Moscow Medical Institute of Health Ministry. Elvira operates clinics in Navan Co. Meath and Kingscourt Co.Cavan.

Elvira engaged in the preparation of comprehensive programs for individual treatment of diseases according to the author’s method developed by Dr. Surgeon Phd Olga German, rehabilitation of patients after injuries, preventative measures of disorders at an early stage, selection of treatment regimens using unique techniques in the field of hirudotherapy.

Elvira Ivanova

Medicinal Leech Therapist / Hirudotherapist