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Deep Tissue Back Massage with Alex

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep tissue massage is a type of massage therapy that involves realigning of deeper layer muscles. It is used for chronic pain and aches and contracted areas such as a stiff neck, low back pain, sore shoulders, and leg muscle tightness.

Strokes used are similar to those used in classic massage therapy only that the movement is slower and pressure concentrated on areas of pain and tension in order to get to the sub-layers of muscle and fascia.

How does Deep Tissue Massage Work?

In case of chronic muscle injury or tension, there may be adhesion’s in tendons, muscle and ligaments. Adhesion’s can interfere with circulation, leading to pain, limited movement, and inflammation.

Deep tissue massage works by physically breaking down those adhesion’s to relieve pain and restore normal movements. To achieve this, the massage therapist uses massage oil and direct deep pressure. For therapist to reach the deeper musculature, the muscle must be well relaxed.

What things can be helped with Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep Tissue Massage therapy usually focuses on a specific problem such as chronic muscle pain, injury rehabilitation, and the following conditions:

Limited movement

Chronic pain

Lower back pain

Muscle tension

After a work out

Postural problems

Recovery from injury e.g. sport injury

Muscle tension

Repetitive strain injury

Tennis elbow

Osteoarthritis pain

What to expect during your Deep Tissue Massage?

Doing  Deep Tissue Massage your therapist may use fingertips, hands, knuckles, elbow, and forearms during the massage. The massage strokes may be slower and the pressure is generally stronger than a regular massage.

On certain occasion you may be asked to breathe deeply as the deep tissue massage therapist works on certain areas.

What are the precautions with a Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep tissue massage may not be safe for people with blood clots e.g. deep vein thrombosis, as they maybe dislodge.

If you’ve had a recent surgery, radiation, or any other medical procedure, it is advisable that you first consult your doctor before starting this massage therapy.

People suffering from osteoporosis should avoid the deeper pressure to this type of massage.

Deep tissue massage should not be done directly over bruises, skin rashes, tumours or areas with recent fractures.

Pregnant women should first consult their doctors before considering this massage therapy.

Tips and after care for Deep Tissue Massage

  • Avoid a heavy meal before the massage
  • Always arrive at the therapy room 10 minutes earlier so that you can have a few minutes to rest and relax
  • Your Deep tissue massage therapy may result into muscle tenderness and soreness and as a result the massage therapist may recommend icing of any painful areas.
  • Drinking water after a therapy session helps to flush out toxins that are released from muscles as well as re-hydrating muscles.
  • Avoid strenuous activity after your deep tissue massage
  • Stretching can help to prevent muscle pain and aches after the therapy.

What does a Deep Tissue Back Massage with Alex cost?

30 minutes – €40

60 minutes – €60

90 minutes – €80

Busy people should take a break and go to a massage spa. It can be a place to pamper yourself, to chill out, relax, recharge, reflect or re-energize.

If busy people are too busy, then they can arrange their own massage spa at home. Do you like to relax at home? You can do it just for €20 extra.

Benefits of Mobile Massage at Home:

Keep yourself stress free of:

  • Driving,
  • Parking,
  • Preparing yourself,
  • Adjusting to another environment,
  • Driving back home being tuned to relaxation.

What does a Deep Tissue Back Massage with Alex At Home cost?

30 minutes – €60

60 minutes – €80

90 minutes – €100

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